National Meals on Wheels Week 2019

To celebrate National Meals on Wheels Week 2019, Community Team members were joined on their daily meals on wheels rounds by high profile guests to meet our clients – and taste our food!

National Meals on Wheels Week is an annual campaign founded and led by the National Association of Care Caterers (NACC) to raise the profile of meals on wheels services across the UK, and to share the positive impact they have on people’s lives.

Throughout the campaign, which ran from 4th to 8th November, over a dozen local dignitaries - such as Tom Hennessey, Assistant Director for Health Integration at Hertfordshire County Council (featured right) - visited HILS’ four sites to meet our dedicated Community Team members and have a ‘behind the scenes’ tour. They then joined our drivers delivering hot meals and meeting clients across the County, before tucking into their own HILS lunch.

‘It was very interesting to see the service in full swing and gain a better understanding of how it works logistically’, said one visitor. ‘And I must say that the Lancashire Hotpot was delicious!’

‘It’s a fantastic service and it’s amazing to see the interaction between the drivers and their clients…you can see that it really boosts their day’, agreed another. ‘The amount of support HILS offers the older community here in Hertfordshire is truly incredible.’

According to the NACC, there has been a 22% drop in the number of local authorities that provide a meals on wheels service since 2014 – meaning that less than half of the UK population can access these essential services. Hertfordshire is one of the few areas in the UK that still has a meals on wheels service. Thanks to support from the County Council, HILS delivers over half a million hot meals to older and vulnerable people across every year.

‘We are very proud to host visitors and to show them what our fantastic teams do every day’, says HILS Chief Executive Sarah Wren. ‘We are huge supporters of this campaign and of the need to spread the word about how important meals on wheels services are to the community. Sadly, more and more of these vital support services are being shut down through lack of funding, we want to celebrate the fact that in Hertfordshire, meals on wheels is not only surviving – it’s thriving!’

To find out more about this campaign, visit the NACC website.